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Value-Based solutions

Our Value-driven Ecosystem

Holista facilitates all aspects of Value-Based programs, with the experience, technology and resources to help our clients succeed. Success requires changing the healthcare “ecosystem” from the current uncoordinated fragmentation to one based on value.

We enable payers and providers to implement programs that align all key stakeholders to improve clinical outcomes, decrease cost, and improve the overall service experience.

Holista’s comprehensive services help clients integrate all attributes necessary for value-based success into their healthcare programs. We create a unique solution for every client, blending our technology products, processes, and value-based contracting expertise to achieve specific strategic objectives. Holista also offers Value-Based Strategic Consulting Professional Services to help clients transform their organization from volume-driven to value-based care delivery .

The transition to value includes several elements not well utilized in the current system:

  • Patient engagement and education
  • High performance provider network development and contracting
  • Real-time Clinical pathway education and compliance
  • Prompt administration of creative reimbursement arrangements
  • Data reporting and outcome measurement

Holista provides, organizes and arranges for best-in-class performance in all elements of the value-based ecosystem, empowering value-based healthcare for our clients.

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